Rocket MultiValue Support for Virtualization

This statement covers the virtualization of hardware, software and desktop environments. Examples of virtualization technologies include Sun Solaris Zones, HP Integrity Virtual Machines, AIX® DLPARs, Citrix, and VMware® ESX Server.

Every instance of Rocket U2 & D3 software in a virtualized environment must have its own unique license.

Rocket Software’s U2 & D3 products leverage binary compatibility provided by virtualization technologies.

If you submit a standard usage or defect-related service request, and your software is running in a virtual environment, Rocket U2 & D3 Technical Support will assume that the problem is common to both non-virtual and virtual environments and we will require that you recreate the problem in a native environment only if there is reason to believe that the problem may be unique to the virtual environment.

Rocket Software can make no guarantees with respect to performance or scalability in a virtualized environment.

If Rocket U2 & D3 Technical Support staff believes that a problem is the result of the virtualization technology, we will require that the problem be recreated in a native environment before providing continued defect support. Setup, configuration and tuning of virtual environments are not part of standard Rocket U2 & D3 Support. Customers looking for support for setting up a virtual environment should consult the appropriate vendors and Rocket Professional Services. This virtualization environment support statement applies to any virtualization technology providing binary compatibility between a non-virtualized and virtualized environment.

For additional information about a specific virtual environment, contact the vendor of the virtualization technology.